Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweet Relief: Packs 21-25

My last five packs held my third relic, a People on Bicycles mini, and an Ad Back Favorite Player that pushed me over the top for my goal. I was so excited to pull that Quadracycle for Two. Ryan tells me that the Bicycles set is a lot rarer than the other mini sets, and, as he collects all of them, I was pleased as punch to make this contribution to his collection for 2013.

Pack 21:

Ted Williams
Manny Machado
Mike Minor
Justin Upton
Jered Weaver
Tommy Hanson SP (#301) +2
Martial Mastery: Vikings +3
(Mini) Chase Headley SP (#336) +3

Pack Total: 8

Running Total: 167

Pack 22:

Bobby Doerr
Eddie Murray
John Smoltz
Paul Goldschmidt
Albert Pujols
Jackie Robinson
Dester Fowler
Across the Years: Bryce Harper +4 (+2 ATY, +2 FP)
People on Bicycles Mini: Quadracycle For Two +5

Pack Total: 9

Running Total: 176

Pack 23:

Prince Fielder
C.J. Wilson
Tyler Skaggs
Dylan Bundy
Across the Years: Aroldis Chapman +2
Relic: McKayla Maroney +10

(Mini) Andrew McCutchen SP (#335) +3

Pack Total: 15

That is one sparkly looking relic!

Running Total: 191

Pack 24:

Mike Olt
Ben Zobrist
Jayson Werth
Panama Canal
Olivia Culpo +1
R.A. Dickey FP +2
Across the Years: Chris Medlen +2
A&G Ad Back Mini: Hiroki Kuroda +1 (+2 Mini, -1 Yankee)

Pack Total: 6

Running Total: 197

Pack 25:

Jason Motte
Bob Gibson
Yasiel Puig
Brian Kelly
Shawn Nadelen
Carlton Fisk SP (#306) +2
One Little Corner: Centaur +3
A&G Ad Back Mini: R.A. Dickey + 5 (+2 Mini, +3 FP)

Pack Total: 10

Running Total: 207 + 4 for the Printing Plate ruling.

Box Total: 211!

That puts me ahead of Ryan's score this year by 37 points, for those keeping track. We'll have to wait and see what The Commissioner makes of my box' score, but I'm happy to have achieved my stated goal. Cheers!

Making a Comeback? Packs 17-20

Please allow me to apologize for the delay in these last two posts. I'm not going to offer any excuses, but will share that these next four packs greatly increased my enthusiasm for my Ginter box, which had been dwindling! Enjoy.

Pack 17:

A.J. Pierzynski
Yu Darvish
Desmond Jennings
Brett Lawrie
Jon Jay FP +2
Shaun Marcum SP (#320) +2
Palaces & Strongholds: Pena National Palace +3
Black Bordered Short Print Mini: Robin Yount (#322) +12

Pack Total: 19

Running Total: 147

Pack 18:

Jeff Samardzija
Robin Ventura
Todd Frazier
Jason Kipnis
Miguel Cabrera
Across the Years: Yu Darvish +2
(Mini) Mike Joy

Pack Total: 2

Running Total: 149

Pack 19:

Austin Jackson
Alexei Ramirez
Bill Buckner
Chris Davis
Craig Kimbrel
Bill Walton SP (#350) +2
One Little Corner: Jupiter +3
(Mini) Barry Melrose

Pack Total: 5

Running Total: 154

Pack 20:

Frank Robinson
Nick Swisher
Ty Cobb
Rod Carew
Dustin Pedroia
Across the Years: Ernie Banks +2
Peacemakers: Gandhi +3

Pack Total: 5

Running Total: 159