Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs 2016, packs 1-4

Life as the mother of two young children has gotten the best of me, so I'm going to need to keep my Gint-A-Cuffs posts brief! A quick look at the contents of my box reveals quite a few Yankees, so I'm holding out only the smallest flicker of hope. Here goes nothing.
Box Loader:
Anthony Rizzo Box Loader
7.6 (+4 Box Loader Set x1.9 multiplier for FP list + my favorite team)

Running: 7.6 points

Pack 1:
Roger Clemens Numbers Game, Great Barrier Reef Natural Wonders, Betsy Hodges U.S. Mayors
+2 Numbers Game
+2 US Mayors
+2 Natural Wonders
6 points

Running= 13.6 points

Pack 2:
Reggie Jackson Baseball Legends, Randy Johnson Numbers Game, Rick Klein base, Aroldis Chapman mini
+2 Numbers Game
+2 Legends
-1 Rick Klein
-1 Yankee
2 points

Running= 15.6 points

Pack 3:
Dellin Betances base, Cole Hamels black-bordered mini
+6 Mini Black-bordered from FP list
-1 Yankee
5 points

Running = 20.6 points

Pack 4:
Greg Bird base, Brad Boxberger black-bordered mini
+3 Mini Black-bordered
-1 Yankee
2 points

Running = 22.6

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